Take note of this while you use ChatGPT

Dylan Oh
2 min readJan 24


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I (well, I mean ChatGPT) have shared about what ChatGPT is and how can it help improve our lives in the previous article (Have you tried ChatGPT?). However, in this article, I would like to share some notes to be taken while using ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is not perfect (YET).

We should not rely solely on ChatGPT’s output without editing and reviewing. It may still make errors or generate output that is not appropriate for use although it is trained on a range of text.

Besides, you also should not use ChatGPT to generate phishing emails, scam texts, etc. as this violates the policy of the platform (you will get a warning while doing so).

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One tip to using ChatGPT optimally is to improve the quality of your input as GPT 3.5 is a prompt engineering-trained language model.

Give it a clear context, and what is the role that you wish ChatGPT to be. For example, instead of “Write me a story”, tell ChatGPT this: “You are a fairy tale story writer. Please write me a 4 paragraphs outline of the story that is suitable for children 12 years old and below. Please involve a red dragon as the villain in the story”. In this case, ChatGPT could produce a much more accurate story outline for you.

Here are some of the use cases of ChatGPT:

  • Generate text for language translation, summarization, and text completion tasks
  • Generate business proposals professionally
  • Generate scripts for YouTube videos

Please note that if you are generating the ChatGPT and trying to copy-paste to some platforms for monetization, there might be a chance that the platform that you are submitting to is using an AI detector. Therefore, make use of ChatGPT to generate the outlines and provide the ideas instead of just copying directly.

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